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The wine

In gastronomy, it is essential to work with the best ingredients. With wine it is exactly the same. That is why at Les Freses we work with the best grapes, our raw material.

100% grapes Muscat of Alexandria planted in Jesús Pobre, near the coastal town of Dénia. Our bunch is like the people here: fresh, explosive, folkloric and dry, although the latter does not characterize us so much.

We harvest manually, selecting only the best, pruning in green to find the balance between yield and quality. A way of working that results in bright wines with reflections, straw-colored or honey. Wines with floral, citrus or vegetable aromas. Wines with intense and distinguished smells. Wines with which to discover our way of understanding the world.

Our identity is the strawberries that were grown on the farm in the 70s. This is how people began to call it “The farm of Les Freses”. Our seal, tradition and the affection with which we make a unique and special wine.

A lunch with friends. A family meal. A romantic dinner with your partner. Occasions in which Les Freses wine becomes a real pleasure. Today, the pleasure is ours to have you here.